COVID-19 Update from the Castlemaine Press Committee


COVID-19 Update from the Castlemaine Press Committee

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding during the period that we temporarily shut up shop and while we’ve worked through re-opening in line with government restrictions and requirements.

We are very happy to be able to let our community know that the print studio is once again available to hire. Individual members who have completed their induction and been approved for independent hire, are once more welcome to make bookings to work independently in the space.


With your booking please take time to familiarise yourself with the additional  measures required in order to minimise risk of infection, and look after each other as best we can. We are supplying hand and surface sanitisers, and clear cleaning instructions. And we ask that members:

  • observe all the steps in the guidelines we’ve put in place for sanitising hands and surfaces from the time you open the door, to the time you close it behind you (these will be sent to you when you make a booking, and can be downloaded from the our studio access page on this site).
  • be guided by our our slightly more BYO arrangements (also see guidelines for details)
  • understand that we will arrange bookings so that there are 3 days between one user and the next.


Thank you once again. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything you want to ask or suggest.

All good wishes, Castlemaine Press Committee